The Sovereign Aura Bottle is made with


DEAD SEA SALT -  known for its abilty to protect and purify.


HAWAIAN BLACK LAVA SALT -  black salt is often used to dispel and repel negative energy


CALENDULA - assoiciated with the Sun/masculine energy/fire this flower  (known as The Sunshine Flower) helps to promote a 'sunny aura'; lifting the spirits and also protecting againts low vibration ones! Also associated with creating boundaries 


This bottle is made with the intention to support you in taking back your power, finding balance and maintaining your SOVEREIGNTY...


Wear around your neck, meditate with and use it for visualising your Higher Self & the conditions to support you.


The energies of this combination make for a powerful protection charm as all the elements carry this vibration. The Black Salt is potent at removing negative vibrations, the white salt protects but also purifies while Calenduala does all of this while helping to promote your own sense of self worth.


 Calendula is also used to support and protect those whom have prophetic dreams!


As it is also linked to the Solar plexus which carries our Divine Will, Calendula help to settle this chakra and support you in taking action towards your goals.


Each Sovereign Aura Bottle is unique, you will receive a random design from the displayed photo. If you would like a particular design please leave a message at checkout.



Please be aware that these are handmade and will be Unique to you! Therefore there may be slight variation from the displayed photo.


Sovereign AURA BOTTLE for Protection, Purification & Positivity

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