"Astrology is an ancient practice that originates more than two thousand years ago. A tool for self-discovery, astrology can be a guide for navigating life, imbuing it with intention, meaning, and magic."  ( Patrick J Forgarty - Artist & Cretor of The Living Wheel Astrology Cards)



The Living Wheel Astrology Deck is visually stunning, each card was hand-painted using liquid graphite and 24k gold.  Made from 400 GSM, luxe satin-matte finish card-stock giving it a beautiful feel in the hand while being strong and sturdy! 


This deck can be used to support your astrological studies & to visualise your own and anothers birth charts!


I love to use this as an ORACLE deck and for my Altar to mark the seasons, moon phases and current  astrological transits.



A great deack for beginners and experienced Astrogers and Readers...

Living Wheel Astrology Cards by Patrick J Forgarty


    55 Cards (2.5 inches x 3.5 inches)

    • 11 Planetary Cards
    • 12 Moon Cards
    • 12 Star Sign Cards
    • 12 House Cards
    • 8 Seasonal Cards

    - 400 GSM, luxe satin-matte finish card-stock

    - Vintage Stardust Gold deck edging

    - Gold foil card-back design



    - Sturdy, Timeless Two-Piece Box, inspred by old tobacco stained boxes of the past.

    - Satin Matte Finish

    - Embossed Gold Foil elements.



    - Introduction

    - Keywords for all 55 cards open the doors to your study and intuition


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